Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Mini bio: Edward & Ann Elizabeth (Metcalfe) Betts

Brief biography of Edward Betts (~1807-1859) and his wife Ann Elizabeth Metcalfe (~1820->1850). Position in the family tree.

Edward Betts:
Born: about 1807 in Maryland
Parents: unknown
Known Residences:
--- 1840 in Moyamensing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
--- 1842 at 98 Cherry, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
--- 1846 in Baltimore City, Maryland
--- 1850 at 113 Lee St., Baltimore City, Maryland
--- 1855 at 95 Lee St., Baltimore City, Maryland
Occupation: piano maker
Death: March 6, 1859, New Freedom, York County, Pennsylvania

Ann Elizabeth Metcalfe
Birth: about 1820 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Parents: unknown. Sister of Joseph C. Metcalfe.
Known residences:
-- living with husband in 1850
Death: unknown (after 1850 census, probably before 1860)

Marriage & Children:

Marriage date: Edward Betts married ? before 1833
Marriage date: Edward Betts married Anne Elizabeth Metcalfe about 1836

Children (first marriage of Edward Betts):
-- Edward Betts, Jr. born about 1834
-- Louisa Betts born about 1836
Children (Edward Betts & Ann Metcalfe):
** Sarah Betts born 1846, married Richard Lewis
-- possible child: Lilly Betts born about 1854

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Off-Site Links
Death notices of Edward Betts, Sr. and Edward Betts, Jr. (from the Baltimore Sun)

Off-Site Links: Archives of Maryland
(click on "view tiff image" to see original)
Matchett's Baltimore Directory, 1847-1848, p. 35
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Matchett's Baltimore Directory, 1855-1856, p. 45
Wood's Baltimore Directory for 1857, p. 28

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